Have you ever wondered what does indie stands for? Yes, we all know that it is a label used to label slightly off-the-beat artists, but it actually stands for independent. In other words, those are the true rebellious artists who do not need a publisher, or a record company, to get their art out there and become famous. 320px-Morrissey-SXSW2006These lesser-known, self-published artists are usually keen on making it in the art world all on their own without any help from anybody.
Still, this may be true for a while at least. Sooner or later, when their name is out there and their art heard and made popular, all of these lesser-known artists become popular and they become heard of. So, how much of indie remains in them, and how does an artist or a music band go from indie to a published artist? That, we will try to decipher in this article.
How MySpace Got Indie Artists Out There
Do you remember MySpace? Yes, before there was Facebook, there was this thing called MySpace and it actually propelled many indie artists to stardom. One of the most notable examples are Arctic Monkeys, who still to this day claim that their fans made their MySpace page which got them a record deal and tons of popularity. Whether or not that is true, it is disputable, but one thing is for sure and that is that MySpace has had an impact on fans and indie artists alike. maxresdefault (7)It actually showed for the first time that the Internet can be used as a way to promote unknown, indie artists and eventually propel them to stardom. In this way, dreams of many indie artists playing in their basements were fueled with the notion that they too can make it in the music world, whether or not they currently have a great record company backing their name. Again, all you have to have is some talent and a speedy Internet connection – hooray!
Unsigned Charts
CBOzVufUUAAsB9xIf you did not know there even are unsigned charts, for artists that have the status of indie artists. They are different that official charts, since these artists usually use the Internet to promote, market and sell their music, almost free of charge. This is what true art is!
In addition to that, we may also mention that some of the most popular artists of today are completely independent, and have no record labels’ contacts. The notable unsigned artist include Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Marilyn Manson and Jonnie And Brooke, but also artists such as Christina Grimmie! Therefore, it can be said with certainty that if you are a struggling artist dreaming of a record deal, you do not actually need it in this day and age! With the Internet, things have changed and all you need is your talent and enough likes or views on YouTube! Lucky us that we live in the age of opportunity!