Indie music or independent music is produced independently from major record labels. The music goes into a process of do-it-yourself approach in producing and publishing music. Most indie bands’ sound is melodic, the instruments are well textured. The lyrics are emotional and literally spark emotion.

As a scene, people who are really into indie music try to keep it small; and the scene it not huge because the most important thing to them is to improve the sound and quality of their music.

If you’re venturing into the world of indie music, now is a great time for you to position yourself for success in music industry. This industry is also about finding your own path-unique to you’re what you’re good at and your future career. We give you career tips so you’re going to successfully establish yourself in indie music industry.

Know What You’re Good At

To establish yourself as an indie musician, you have to know what you can offer. You have great music, but think beyond what you can still offer. Ask yourself what you’re really good at. There are many ways to show off your talent, from gigs to traditional recordings and cover songs.

Know your skills, so you can focus on building your career around it. From that, you’d be able to identify the tools that can help you to accomplish the goals you’re setting. If you love making short music videos, song cover and others, you can start doing these first steps. Make sure that the career you’re building is what you love.

This first step includes creating a game plan. It’s important that you know your goals, even if you’re doing it alone or with a band. Write down all your goals and keep it in a journal so you can always look back to it when you need to.

To also become an indie musician, you should know who you are before you tell others who they are. Establish who you are and where you’re going. People will then see that you have a direction for your music career, and they will appreciate it.

Work Hard

In this technology-induced generation, people have more opportunities than the others in the past. You don’t have to wait for a major label or producer to give you money and start recording.

There are a lot of social media platforms where you can connect with millions of people, in just a click or one upload of your music online. You can also collaborate with other musicians on the internet. However, it may sound east but it’s not. It will take a lot of hard work.

You’ll be doing something fun and working hard on your dreams. Getting a major record label is pretty hard to achieve at first especially if you’re new to the industry. But all the exposure, gigs and performances will surely bring you to the success you’re dreaming of.

Avoid leaning on cheap alternatives because it will make you look cheap. Even if you start with almost nothing, make sure that you upload quality videos and photos. Creativity isn’t expensive; all you have to do is sit down in front of your computer and let your creative juices do the work.

When you’re still a starter, you can’t definitely hire someone yet. So, the work would be done by you. Don’t let it worry you too much. As long as you don’t settle for less and do your best, your career would also be shining.

Balance Music and Business

An indie musician plays the role of a creator and a business executive at the same time. It’s overwhelming, just thinking about it. As mentioned, it needs a lot of work to succeed in this industry. You just have to do a little time management.

One of the first tasks is to figure out how you work best. Know if you work best in the morning or at night.  There are others who are gifted and can multitask. To manage your time, always have a calendar tool which helps you on tracking your schedule. Manage your time by setting specific days for particular tasks.

Start With What You Have

If you don’t have expensive instruments when you’re starting, don’t worry because most of the successful indie musicians started with almost nothing. If you wait till you have enough money to tour or rent a studio, you’re never going to start your career.

Like mentioned, uploading songs and music videos on social media tools will help you start. The engagement on those tools is powerful because of the number of audience you can get.

Remember that you start with almost nothing-cheap instruments, internet and recording software. All you have to do is love what you do and work hard. You can reach more people if you’re more visible. Create blogs, upload more videos and accept your audience’s requests. You can scout for